Over the past few weeks, the vast majority of the world has been strongly encouraged to partake in social distancing and self isolation in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Health and safety will always remain a top priority among the public, but realistically, paycheques matter too. Many people have had to abandon their everyday workplace for something a little more casual in order to continue receiving income – their home. Opinions about working remotely are still very mixed throughout the general population, but fear not! There’re lots of benefits to working remotely and we’ve curated a list showcasing our top 5 perks, just for you.

What Are the Benefits?

More Time – Time is invaluable. With an average workday being approximately eight hours, why spend another two just getting to and from the workplace? Working remotely drastically reduces or even completely eliminates commute times, saving a significant chunk of time each day. Workers can use this time to eat a better breakfast, perform a morning ritual, or even sleep in an extra hour, so go get some rest! You deserve it.

Suitable Work Environment – You’re in charge of what goes on in your home which means you also get to dictate your own work environment. Don’t like the chair you were given at the office? No problem. You’re able to use whichever chair fits your needs at home in your own comfy workspace, and that’s pretty sweet! The options are endless.

Cost-Efficient – Working remotely can be extremely cost-efficient, and especially so when working from home. Money can be saved on anything from office parking passes to expensive daycare costs for families with young children. With the average employee dishing out approximately $3500 every year for work expenses such as travel and professional clothing, most of this cost can be avoided simply by working remotely. It’s not only the easier method of work – it’s smarter too!

Flexible Hours – Don’t like the usual 9 to 5 office hours? Employees who work remotely typically have the benefit of working when they want on a schedule that best compliments their needs and habits. This way, convenience is at an all-time high for workers, making both their daily tasks and overall life easier to pursue and accomplish.

Productivity – All of these factors result in one extremely valuable quality that is at the core of any successful business: productivity. Being able to work independently and on your own terms drives productivity through the roof, making remote work not only a viable option to approach, but a great one at that.

We’re Remote!

We hope this list has exposed you to just some of the many benefits working remotely has to offer. In fact, we’re remote at the moment in an effort to help with social distancing! NRX AssetHub can format and support your data completely from anywhere, anytime. Want to give it a shot? Book a demo with us so we can get your data setup in no time.

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