Fixing something yourself without understanding the technicalities and little details can lead to problems ahead if you do something wrong. There are many benefits to using a data cleansing solution to fix your asset hierarchy instead of doing it yourself or leaving it unorganized. If you do not know where to start with your new project, consider adopting a data cleansing solution to help kick start a fresh new data foundation for your organization going forward.
Saves significant time of expensive technical and IT resources

Using a data cleansing solution can help you save a significant amount of time and expensive technical resources. If your IT department needs to be constantly assisting with projects to fix your asset hierarchy and/or your EAM/CMMS data, it can be a waste of their resources and time compared to outsourcing it to experts who already know what they’re doing. The IT department needs to spend their time on ensuring that the company’s technological infrastructure runs smoothly. In today’s IOT based business environment, the IT department needs to keep the organization’s technical aspects running so it would be a waste to use their skills to clean up a disorganized hierarchy. Most EAM/CMMS solutions are also not designed to generate reports on master data, so you would need to go to the IT department every time you want a report on your EAM/CMMS master data conformance. Adopt a data cleansing solution to lessen the burden on your IT department and save their time for more important matters.


Makes it easy to filter and report on data to find issues

Generating reports on failure and reliability data is important to boost the reliability and performance of your equipment. You need to have a good idea of what tends to fail before you can come up with a solid preventive maintenance plan. Without past performance data it can be difficult to assess how much maintenance you need and you may end up over maintaining or under maintaining your equipment. Unnecessary maintenance can cost just as much as under maintaining your equipment. Using a data solution to make it easier to generate reports can help your organization decrease downtimes and up the productivity level of your equipment as well as employees. Optimizing production uptime will save on unexpected maintenance and repair expenses.


Makes it easy to collaborate

With a data cleansing solution you can improve internal communication by making it easier for your employees to collaborate with each other. You can share and edit your EAM/CMMS data in real time with anyone in the organization. The updated data will be available for everyone to view right away which will facilitate communications internally. Every employee and manager would have a straightforward way of keeping track of project progress and following up on areas that need improvement.


NRX AssetHub for Clean EAM data 

NRX AssetHub is the perfect data cleansing solution to achieve optimized and efficient work processes. NRX AssetHub can provide you the ability to collaborate and visualize your EAM/CMS data as well as generate reports on your past performance. Our cloud based solution lets you edit and update your EAM/CMMs data in real time. If you want to try adopting a data cleansing solution to improve your organization’s data foundation for more efficient work processes going forward, you’re in the right place!

Download our brochure or book a demo with us to get started with NRX AssetHub.

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