Every year, organizations invest billions of dollars worldwide in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to meet their operational goals, yet they still come across certain challenges. Many organizations fail to ensure that the data in these systems are accurate and accessible.

Without an adequate data foundation, ERP systems will fail to support the business. It is simply not possible to be strategic, and continuously improve operations without assurance that decisions are based on data that is valid and fit for purpose.

NRX MDG, is a cloud based multi-tenant master data governance solution that allows companies to govern any type (customer, supplier, products, technical assets, financial) of enterprise master data using forms-based workflow.

How can you benefit from NRX MDG?

Organizations that use NRX MDG experience increased productivity, increased efficiencies, and cost savings in virtually all aspects of operations.

NRX MDG can help you reduce supplier costs and have more efficient procurement.

NRX MDG can help you increase sales and improve stocking.

NRX MDG can help you improve reporting and decision-making for finance.

NRX MDG can help you improve your asset management, reliability and maintenance operations.

NRX MDG can help you improve customer service.

Better data powers operational productivity and excellence in all business areas.

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