IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) has transformed the way that data management is done within the industrial sector, including the field of asset management. Companies are facing pressure to implement IIoT within their systems so they don’t lag behind and have a competitive disadvantage. The problem however is that implementing IIoT effectively within your EAM system can be challenging if your company has poor quality asset and maintenance master data. This is why ensuring your asset and maintenance master data is complete and well organized can help you to reap the benefits of IIoT described below.

Predictive Maintenance

IIoT can help power predictive maintenance within your EAM system. An IIoT powered EAM system can help you to constantly monitor your assets which helps you to gather real time data and pick up on issues that may arise before they happen. IIoT can provide you with key insights through sensors which will allow you to understand when you should schedule maintenance for your assets. Ultimately predictive maintenance can provide various benefits such as:


  • Preventing unexpected equipment failure
  • Reducing downtime
  • More uptime and productivity
  • Increased safety

Increased Efficiency

IIoT gives you the ability to automate your processes and thus increasing the efficiency of your maintenance and operations. When implemented and optimized with an EAM system, you can gain real-time insights into the operational efficiency of your equipment through sensors. Thus, you are able to constantly monitor asset performance and ensure that any decisions that you make regarding assets are backed up by data.

Reduction of Errors

An IIoT powered EAM system is one that is automated and thus reduces the risk of error caused by manual data entry. On the other hand, an EAM system that relies on manual data entry through the use of excel spreadsheets for instance greatly increases the risk of error. It is said that 80 percent of all spreadsheets contain errors. Errors can be very costly for your company as it can cause delays to the production process, lead to equipment failure, reduce the safety of workers (etc).

How We Can Help

To be able to truly reap the benefits of the implementation of IIoT within your organization, you must make sure that you have optimal asset and maintenance master data set up in your EAM. If you are conducting an EAM migration then data must be fixed prior to it being loaded onto a new system for the benefits to be achieved. We can help to edit, enrich, re-organize and de-duplicate your asset and maintenance master data so that it can be ready for your new EAM system. To learn more, contact us to book a demo or download our brochure.

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