Does your company need to improve your asset hierarchy by aligning it with the ISO 14224 standard?

Aligning your company’s asset hierarchy with ISO 14224 will provide many business benefits.

With the help of NRX AssetHub, professionals can:

1. Easily align the asset hierarchy with ISO 14224 guidelines

2. Quickly identify any equipment that does not comply

3. Take advantage of out-of-the-box ISO 14224 classes and characteristics

4. Easily track the progress of the project

5. Export data ready to load into an EAM, CMMS, or RCM system.

Many asset-intensive companies struggle with:

Finding Objects in the Hierarchy

With no set structure, similar objects are found in different places, and parts of the hierarchy. The same pump in different parts of a plant should mirror the same hierarchy in each location. Maintenance and reliability professionals are unable to visualize the asset hierarchy, which wastes time to locate an asset when creating a work order.

Consistency Issues

Maintenance and reliability professionals depend on consistent organization of assets in the hierarchy. There is no way to ensure that hierarchy rules are consistently adhered to. It is important that the same amount of data is collected for all equipment.

Inability to Easily View and Improve Asset Hierarchy

Company’s often struggle to determine if their asset hierarchy meets corporate standards. There is no easy way to find and fix objects in the hierarchy that violate the standard.

Challenge of Working with EAM Solutions

EAM solutions are designed to be transactional systems that generate work orders and facilitate maintenance operations—they weren’t designed to visualize, review, or edit the asset hierarchy. There is no simplified way to access useful reports on what data is in the EAM, or if it conforms to the standard. Maintenance and reliability professionals have no way to document which assets and locations have been verified as conforming to the standard in the EAM solution.

Oversight and Accountability Issues

It is very difficult to get an accurate report of issues with EAM data and ISO 14224 conformance. Professionals struggle even further by having no access to supervise and direct third party contractors, making it impossible to measure the progress of projects. Third-party contractors typically charge by the hour and don’t use productivity tools designed to make it easy to solve the conformance problems—so they usually have really inefficient solutions to the problem—resulting in high services costs to fix the problem.

About NRX AssetHub

We have assembled a scalable and easy-to-use software product designed to help a wide-range of asset-intensive companies quickly ensure ISO 14224 conformance. NRX AssetHub provides a staging area where the easy-to-use interface lets customers drag and drop objects into the correct place in the visual hierarchy. The copy and paste functionality makes it easy to replicate common data.

NRX AssetHub provides maintenance and reliability professionals at asset-intensive businesses with world-class software solutions for analyzing, visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems. We help our customers get their CMMS data right.

Learn how NRX AssetHub will help you streamline your internal processes:

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