It’s clear the need to support mobile workers is paramount to continued success. EAM/CMMS systems are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the user, and one of the most integral features within these systems is their mobile capabilities. With the current need to operate and maintain assets in the field, having access to an EAM/CMMS system with integrated mobile technology is invaluable. If this is an area your EAM/CMMS system is lacking, this may be prime time to perform a migration and reap the new remote benefits. Below are a few key takeaways from upgrading or using an existing EAM/CMMS system with mobile capabilities.

Get the Benefits of Mobile

Making Convenience the Norm – Obviously, the primary goal of this technology is to make otherwise difficult tasks more convenient to perform – improving workflow efficiency substantially. This could mean the difference between a technician lugging around different parts books during maintenance or simply finding what they need from their phone within the EAM itself. A mobile EAM does not just improve operations, it can also improve the quality of work for technicians.  But achieving these benefits requires that the underlying asset and maintenance data be created and maintained in the EAM system.  Having functionality without supporting data will not achieve your objectives.


Data Access in Real-Time – Mobile access to your EAM/CMMS system is going to be key to ongoing operation and maintenance of assets in the field. EAM systems that provide access through mobile devices give the user complete oversight on what operations are being conducted, which resources are needed, and how workers are performing, all in real-time. The more information you have, the better – having a mobile EAM makes this possible.


Enhanced Collaboration – As we all know, the internet seamlessly connects us. In the context of a functional, thriving company, having this tool in the form of mobile technology is essential. Additionally, it is crucial for these parties to connect and can collaborate for an optimal result. A mobile EAM allows these parties to do this from their devices and access the information they need all at once without interference. This way, all members are equally informed and remain on the same page throughout the entire process.


NRX AssetHub Helps With Your EAM Migration

EAM migrations don’t need to be undertaken alone. Looking for more information on how NRX AssetHub can make the difference? Consider downloading our brochure or booking a free demo so our team can help out!

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