Do your maintenance workers find it difficult and tedious to enter or update data in SAP PM notifications or work orders? Do your notifications and work orders tend to be missing important data, or contain incorrect information? Would you like a way to improve the quality of the information and historical data? Or a way to make complex maintenance processes simpler?

While it is a necessary component of their day-to-day responsibilities, most maintenance technicians loathe data entry. Completing detailed, accurate, and timely notifications, work orders, and work order close-outs in their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system rarely ranks as a top priority. Often, technicians may skip steps, or omit critical details that the business requires to properly maintain assets, ensure the safety of its facilities, and conduct dependable reliability studies. Our customers look to us for a solution to help them enforce data entry processes that guide their maintenance, supply-chain, and reliability operations.

We help our customers ensure that their maintenance and operations staff follow critical steps that affect the safety and operations of the plant when processing notifications, work orders, and work order close-outs in their SAP PM system. Maintenance workers no longer have to learn SAP transaction codes to manage work orders or notifications. An easy-to-use interface does most of the work for them, thereby freeing them up to focus on what is most important; effective and efficient maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at the key ways in which our customers have used and benefitted from using our solution to guide personnel through complex maintenance processes with ease.


Improving the Quality of Information in Notifications and Reducing Maintenance Backlog

Our solutions help our customers ensure that data included in a notification is complete, accurate, and informative by providing a simple, wizard-driven interface to their SAP PM system. Our customers use our solutions to guide their maintenance technicians through a series of questions that form the basis of a meaningful and precise notification. Additionally, our solutions are able to automatically assign the correct priority to notifications based on user selections. Our customers are able to benefit from this by significantly reducing maintenance backlog attributed to over-prioritized maintenance notifications.

Ensuring Users Follow Critical Steps when Processing Work Orders

Our solutions help enforce the completion of critical steps and entry of key information in work orders by providing a customize, wizard-driven interface to their SAP PM system. Our customers use our solutions to enforce their corporate standards for data entry. Our solutions guide maintenance technicians through a series of questions, collecting critical data, and pulling in key information, resulting in a work order that contains all the required information to effectively complete the work in the most efficient way possible.

Improving the Quality of Historical Data Used in Reliability Analytics

After maintenance work has been completed, it is vital that the technician close out the initial work order. Too often, the data and information added during this stage is incorrect, incomplete, vague, or simply missing. When this problem persists across a facility or an entire enterprise, reliability analysis (which leverages historical maintenance information) is negatively affected. We provide our customers with a solution that makes it easy for maintenance technicians to close out their work orders with the information the business requires.


What Our Customers Say

  • “Operators creating notifications increased to 98% from 28%
  • “Duplicate work orders were reduced by 85%
  • “Reduced improper codes from 32% to 2%


Key Benefits Realized

  • More wrench time. NRX AssetHub helps customers typically increase wrench time by at least 25% by ensuring notifications and work orders contain the information maintenance personnel need.
  • Better maintenance and operations. NRX AssetHub helps our customers realize a savings of at least 2.5% of the cost of ongoing maintenance and operations.


If you would like to see a demo of how NRX AssetHub can help guide personnel through complex maintenance processes with ease, give us a call.

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