In asset-intensive organizations, communication breakdowns between engineering and operations teams are extremely common, yet is an issue that will continue to persist if the right resources are not implemented. These breakdowns, also known as information silos, occur when areas of the organization are not communicating effectively.  For example, engineering professionals specialize in how to design and build the assets, while the operations team possesses an in-depth understanding of the company compliance regulations as well as experience in maintenance and reliability and in using CMMS/EAM software.

Unfortunately, information silos cause a number of issues and can negatively affect the entire company. Lack of readily available data can result in unscheduled plant shutdowns, excessive spare parts inventory, and extra hours spent on maintenance due to incorrect documentation. Gaps in communication also result in missing or incorrect data, noncompliance with new regulations, and conflicting priorities for maintenance schedules. The consequences of these issues are very expensive and result in inefficient operation and management of a company’s precious assets and workforce.

There is, however, a solution to resolve information silos within an organization. This communication gap can be effectively solved by incorporating software such as NRX AssetHub that can globally connect all departments and levels of management. This not only bridges operations expertise with ongoing engineering projects, it improves communication and efficiency.


Here are 5 Ways NRX AssetHub Strengthens Your Company’s Communication


  1. Combines all relevant data in one easy to access location

Simplify your data build or migration project by automating the loading of data from multiple sources such as spreadsheets and legacy systems to a staging area where it is enriched and finalized before being deployed into the CMMS system.


  1. Provides contractors with a straightforward way to build and edit data  

Save time and improve the accuracy of data by easily building a hierarchy of locations and equipment, BOMs, maintenance plans, task lists, and other content collaboratively without having to use spreadsheets and DIY single user solutions.


  1. Increases the safety of information transfer to third-party contractors

Lower the risks of granting third-party access directly to your CMMS system by using NRX AssetHub which is independent and supplementary to your CMMS system. All data that is pertinent to asset and maintenance work can be edited, visualized, validated and updated to your CMMS system once it’s validated and approved.


  1. Organize and index maintenance documents for easy availability

Reduce the time spent gathering the data needed for maintenance. All technical documents such as drawings, photos or manuals are indexed and organized in your Document Management System so they can be easily accessed directly from work orders.


  1. Make it easy to align with internal and regulatory guidelines such as ISO 14224

Automate the compliance process by using NRX AssetHub to build compliant maintenance plans, measure compliance gaps, and track compliance verification activities associated with appropriate assets.


Proven Results

Our customers such as Shell, American Electric Power and Chevron have seen dramatic improvements in their operations as a direct result of improved data organization. Companies that have used NRX solutions have seen wrench time increase by at least 25%, savings of at least 2.5% on the cost of ongoing maintenance operations, and reduced manual processes for material requisitions by up to 50%.

Want more information? Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals for improved data management and learn how NRX AssetHub can break down your information silos.


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