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As many of you already know, plant and warehouse data in your EAM system don’t always match what is physically in place. This creates uncertainty as to the location of equipment and the availability of critical spare parts required to correct equipment failures. To close the gap and ensure that equipment in your plant and spare parts in your warehouse are accurately represented in your CMMS, regular audits and updates are required. NRX AssetAuditor software is here to simplify the process by ensuring accurate and reliable plant and warehouse data while saving your business time and money.

NRX AssetAuditor software is a plant and warehouse auditing solution that helps asset-intensive companies match their physical assets to their digital representations as well as capture and upload any missing data. Our customers benefit from using NRX AssetAuditors by affirming that their physical assets are represented correctly in their CMMS or EAM systems. Consequently, when a work order is generated, our customers are assured the equipment resides where it is expected to be, and the necessary parts to correct the issue are available. In doing so, we allow our customers to significantly increase wrench time and reduce spare part requirements.

Here are some of the key features that NRX AssetAuditors allows our customers to do:


Connect Digital Data with Physical Reality

Plant and warehouse data do not always match physical reality. To ensure that the equipment in your plant and the spare parts in your warehouse are accurately represented in your CMMS, regular audits and updates are required. NRX AssetAuditors helps our customers more efficiently carry out plant walkdowns and warehouse audits to help increase wrench time and ensure accurate digital records of the equipment and spare parts that are physically in place.


Perform a Plant Walkdown to Ensure CMMS Data Reflects the Physical Plant

NRX AssetAuditors helps our customers effectively conduct plant walkdowns to compare and match the data in their CMMS to the equipment on the plant floor. Our customers enrich their data through the inclusion of photographs and diagrams, and capture data for missing assets. When the walkdown is completed, the updated and enriched data is compared to the current data, and any conflicts are flagged for resolution before being deployed back into their CMMS.


Conduct a Warehouse Audit to Ensure Data Reflects the Physical Warehouse

NRX AssetAuditors helps our customers conduct a comprehensive warehouse audit, capturing information for all materials in inventory. When the audit is completed, updated data is compared to current data, and any and all conflicts are flagged for resolution before deployment back into their CMMS. Using NRX AssetAuditors, our customers are able to quickly and effectively reduce unnecessary materials inventory without having to rely on manual and inefficient data reconciliation.


Companies such as Chevron and American Electric Power have used NRX AssetAuditors to facilitate more complete, effective, and efficient plant and warehouse audits. We are confident that our solutions will provide the same benefits to you as well.

If you would like to find out more about how NRX AssetAuditors can help you save time and money while ensuring accurate plant and warehouse data, give us a call.

If you want to find out about this solution or the many other ways NRX AssetHub can help your business, check out the link: https://www.nrx.com/solutions/

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