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Want to grasp ISO 14224 in 3 minutes or less? Download this quick guide to improve, analyze and organize your RM data now!

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Oil Platform Maintenance Improves with

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The recent SAP-Centric EAM conference included a presentation by a global oil and gas major with over three dozen oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  The company believes that this technology application provides it with a competitive advantage.

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What Your Spreadsheets Don’t Tell You

You have all this perfect work order data, so what do you do next? You add all that data to a spreadsheet with the hope that you’ll be able to calculate critical metrics without any errors…

Buried in your EAM system?

If you have a maintenance role at an asset-intensive organization, you are probably aware of the amount of data in your EAM system. Amidst all this data, there are almost certainly gaps and inaccuracies…

The Disadvantages of Single-Sourcing

The concerns surrounding COVID-19 continue to ravage the globe with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Its impacts have greatly threatened the general public’s health and many precautions…

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What EAM/CMMS Systems are Companies Using?

What EAM/CMMS Systems are Companies Using?

Asset data management software is crucial for asset-intensive companies, as operations become increasingly digitized. Some of the heavily dependent industries on EAM software include manufacturing, construction, and oil & gas, to name a few. Enterprise Asset Management software is the future for any and every asset-intensive business. Among HubHead’s customer base, we found SAP Plant Maintenance, SAP S4HANA PM, and IBM Maximo to be the most used asset management systems.

Excuse me, this is not what I ordered

Excuse me, this is not what I ordered

Asset-intensive companies rely heavily on BoMs for work orders and maintenance operations. The accuracy of your work order depends on having the correct parts and quickly identifying those parts. Time is money for every organization. Therefore, maintenance personnel do not need to be spending unnecessary extra time trying to locate equipment.

Common Problems with Asset Data Management

Common Problems with Asset Data Management

Data management is the heartbeat of every asset-intensive company. These companies spend billions of dollars on Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, and Computerized Maintenance Management systems to adhere to maintenance and reliability standards. Investing in the right tools and technology to manage your data is important but knowing how to apply those solutions to meet business demands effectively is just as important, if not more.

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