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ISO 14224


Want to grasp ISO 14224 in 3 minutes or less? Download this quick guide to improve, analyze and organize your RM data now!

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Oil Platform Maintenance Improves with

NRX AssetVisualizer

Case Study

The recent SAP-Centric EAM conference included a presentation by a global oil and gas major with over three dozen oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  The company believes that this technology application provides it with a competitive advantage.

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Basic Principles of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance can be very useful for your company to help reduce maintenance costs and repairs. Why should your company perform preventive maintenance?

Trends to Watch 2019: Blockchain for Asset Management

With the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the technology known as blockchain is now being researched by many. It has the potential to be used for vast applications…

Digitization and Parts Books

Parts books have been around a long time.  Sometimes called illustrated parts catalogs or visual BOMs they essentially include an exploded parts diagram for a piece of equipment…

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Available Jan 2020

Data Quality Hierarchy of Needs

The Basics: Foundational Asset Data

This series of eBooks will cover your data quality hierarchy of needs starting with your foundational asset data. You will be able to determine the current state of your data and build strategies to move to the next level.

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How Shutdowns can ensure Effective Maintenance

How Shutdowns can ensure Effective Maintenance

Often, we shut down our computers once we are done using it for the day or when it is not in use. We do this so that we do not drain out the battery or skew its performance. Similarly, with all the different kinds of equipment that organizations use, shutdowns are crucial in ensuring the longevity of assets.

Stepping up Asset Management with Failure Codes

Stepping up Asset Management with Failure Codes

Within most CMMS systems, failure codes can be used on a work order to help identify why a particular type of equipment or asset failed. These codes are typically alphanumeric characters that are attributed to abbreviations of their descriptions.

Simplifying Work Order Management due to COVID-19

Simplifying Work Order Management due to COVID-19

Managing work orders is a challenging task, but with the COVID-19 restrictions, technology and automation have become important now more than ever. Some companies have faced disruption in transitioning to a remote work environment and as such, their processes fail to meet new work demands.

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