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We Help Our Customers Get Their EAM Data Right

NRX AssetHub, powered by HubHead Corp., provides asset-intensive businesses with world-class software for visualizing, building, editing, organizing, approving, and sustaining high-quality Asset and Maintenance Data for their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems.

Learn how we help our customers solve EAM and CMMS data quality issues. Let us show you how we can help you build BOMs faster, ensure all of your critical assets have the appropriate maintenance data and associated spare parts, implement Performance Standards, and more. Let us help you ensure maintenance personnel can perform the right maintenance, faster, and at the right time. Guaranteed.

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NRX AssetHub for
Analyzing CMMS & EAM Data Quality

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers easily identify gaps and inaccuracies in CMMS or EAM data, quickly identify non-compliant data and operational integrity issues, and readily measure the completeness of their data using powerful reports.


NRX AssetHub
for Building CMMS & EAM Data

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Learn how NRX AssetHub supports the quick creation, comprehensive validation, and easy deployment of high-quality data for complex data build jobs, commonly associated with capital projects and new EAM/CMMS implementations.


NRX AssetHub
for Repairing CMMS & EAM Data

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers repair and redeploy critical data they need to effectively maintain and operate their assets, and get their CMMS or EAM data right, faster, easily, without incurring high consulting costs.


NRX AssetHub
for Approving Changes to CMMS & EAM Data

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers quickly and easily collect, approve, and memorialize changes to CMMS and EAM data throughout the life cycles of their assets. See how they ensure their data meets industry and corporate standards.


NRX AssetHub
for Cleansing EAM Master Data

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers highlight EAM master data inadequacies, easily visualize, edit, and repair content while automating the cleansing process, and, upon completion, quickly redeploy the critical data needed to effectively maintain and operate their assets.


NRX AssetVisualizer
for Visualizing CMMS & EAM Data

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Learn how NRX AssetVisualizer helps Maintenance, Reliability, and Supply Chain Professionals create, visually identify, and select the spare parts and vendor documentation they need to plan and execute maintenance work faster.


NRX AssetHub for Building Bills of Material

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers create, edit, visualize, review, and approve BOMs efficiently. Build better BOMs faster.


NRX AssetHub for Documents and Content

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers load and organize all maintenance and engineering documents into a Document Management System, and make the information available to maintenance personnel directly from a work order.


NRX AssetHub for Standards Compliance

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers ensure safety-critical assets comply with regulations, such as reliability or performance standards.

ISO 14224 compliance

NRX AssetHub for ISO 14224 Compliance

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers easily align their EAM asset hierarchy with ISO 14224, and load and assign ISO 14224 classes and characteristics.


NRX AssetHub for Equipment Tag Management

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Learn how NRX AssetHub helps our customers easily allocate thousands of unique equipment tags while conforming to multiple corporate standards.


NRX AssetAuditors

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Learn how NRX AssetAuditors helps our customers match their physical assets and materials to their digital representations, and capture and  upload any missing data.


NRX MaintenanceMentor

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Learn how our customers using SAP Plant Maintenance enforce better maintenance processes, and accelerate data input for maintenance personnel, with more complete, more accurate, and more meaningful work orders and notifications.

ISO 14224 alignment

ISO 14224 Alignment Tip Sheet

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How do asset-intensive companies align their EAM asset hierarchy with ISO 14224 to improve collection of reliability and maintenance data? Does it need to be a manual process?

Performance standards tip sheet

Standards Compliance Tip Sheet

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How do asset-intensive companies in high-risk or low- fault-tolerant industries handle growing requirements to comply with reliability and performance standards for safety-critical assets?


Equipment Tag Management Tip Sheet

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How do asset-intensive companies manage their equipment tags to ensure they are unique and informative? How can they effectively and efficiently maintain their equipment?


Case Study: Lycopodium

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Learn why Lycopodium selected NRX AssetHub to help a global mining company develop and build CMMS asset and maintenance data for a large expansion project.


Case Study: Chevron

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Learn how Chevron uses the NRX AssetHub solutions to ensure maintenance personnel have all the information they need to do their jobs available at their fingertips.


Case Study: AEP

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Learn how American Electric Power (AEP) uses NRX AssetHub solutions for asset visualization to improve maintenance efficiency.


Whitepaper: How to Run an Effective Data Cleansing Project

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This whitepaper will provide valuable best practices on how to run an effective data cleansing project including how to prioritize, measure and oversee progress, adopt and set standards, and leverage existing legacy data.


Webinar: Achieving CMMS Data Quality

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Join Paul Peterson and David Hattrick as they discuss the effects of bad CMMS data on the maintenance organization. Discover best practices to help you easily find and fix data quality issues.


Webinar: Shell

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Shell reveals how NRX AssetHub provides the information foundation they require to achieve first quartile performance in mechanical integrity and assurance, productivity, safety, and compliance in maintenance.


Webinar: VIZIYA

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Greg Dee, President at HubHead Corp., sits down with members of VIZIYA to discuss practical solutions to tackle your maintenance master data quality issues. The three big culprits: asset hierarchy, task lists, and work order types.


Flipbook: Top 7 Root Causes of Poor Quality CMMS Data

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Learn why so many asset-intensive companies struggle with building and sustaining high-quality CMMS asset and maintenance data.


Video: Visually Selecting Parts for CMMS Work Orders

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See how NRX AssetVisualizer lets our customers visually select correct parts for work orders from an electronic parts catalog. NRX AssetVisualizer integrates with all major CMMS and EAM systems, making maintenance more visual, and more accurate.


eBook: Running an Effective Data Cleansing Project

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Learn the effects that poor quality data has on your organization, how to effectively run a data cleansing project, and how NRX AssetHub can help.

5 Reasons Why You Need Better BOMs

eBook: 5 Reasons Why You Need Better BOMs

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Learn why better maintenance bills of materials (BOMs) are critical to the success of your maintenance organization.

Building Better BOMs Faster

Video: Building Better Bills of Materials

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See how NRX AssetHub makes it simple to create BOMs that are complete, accurate, and reusable across similar equipment. Build better BOMs faster.


Video: Standardizing Material Descriptions

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See how NRX AssetHub automatically generates meaningful, detailed material descriptions, consistently following corporate naming conventions. Locating the correct material is easier, and faster.


Video: Performance Standards Compliance

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See how NRX AssetHub helps our customers ensure all critical assets have performance standards, and are in compliance. See how a change to a performance standard is quickly reflected in the affected assets.

Equipment Tag Management

Video: Equipment Tag Management

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See how NRX AssetHub lets you easily create an equipment tag that conforms to one or more corporate tagging conventions, and automates an approval process. Eliminate human error and save valuable time.


Video: Listen to the Experts

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A major Oil and Gas company reveals how they are using NRX AssetHub to build high-quality CMMS data for new projects, and to repair data for existing operations.


The practical Guide to ISO 14224

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Want to grasp ISO 14224 in 3 minutes or less? Download this quick guide to improve, analyze and organize your RM data now!