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21 Jun 2018

Improving spare parts management

Practical spare parts management is the foundation for a reliable plant operation and is a crucial step to the success of your business. You need to know how to determine which spare parts are needed in order to make up an effective and in-depth inventory system. Rather than using your senses to determine what’s needed, it’s best to establish...

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19 Jun 2018

3 problems efficient equipment tags can help you solve

When companies have hundreds or even thousands of physical assets, it’s important to know their operating condition and where they are located. Identifying, tracking and controlling assets with efficient equipment tags is critical to a company’s bottom line. Assets are frequently out for use, undergoing repairs, sold, updated, or removed. From purchase to disposal and all the steps in...

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12 Jun 2018

Asset data from a new perspective

Excel. You may use it, you may not. It is relatively easy, convenient, and cost-effective from the start. However, as your business and assets grow you will quickly leave those benefits behind. Continuing with Excel to manage your growing business will cost you more money than investing in an effective management solution to go alongside your EAM system. Viewing...

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07 Jun 2018

Please, Not Another Software Application

June 07, 2018Blog

How many different software applications do you have to open in order to do your job? Are you frustrated with a crowded laptop? A slow interface from all the programs that are running in the background? When people invest in an EAM system that isn’t efficient they err on the side of trying to fix it without involving another...

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24 May 2018

Building Your Business Case for IIOT

Living in a connected world is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Each day there is an increasing number of connected items from our transportation systems to our homes to our work environment.  In the IIoT there are smart factories, smart mines, and smart oil production.  This ecosystem will produce lots of data that has the potential...

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22 May 2018

Smart Data Powers Smart Manufacturing

Factories today are more intelligent and efficient than ever before. Behind the scenes; planning, supply chain logistics, and operations are all playing into increasing the efficiency on a factory floor. Smart manufacturing machines are collecting information and relaying huge amounts of data that can be utilized to improve processes. Making use of IIoT, managers can completely integrate all information...

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17 May 2018

The Downtime Your EAM Data Can Prevent

Downtime is inevitable in the manufacturing industry and most certainly in the auto industry. Most of the causes can be preventable but downtime occurs for a few reasons that make the whole manufacturing process come to a halt. Material issues, shortage of operators or unscheduled maintenance from a system failure are all unplanned for. There are also the causes...

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