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16 Feb 2018

Get on the RDS-PP and KKS Bandwagon

Today, RDS-PP and KKS are the go to for power generation companies that want to adopt proper standards. This is a classification system that will allow for systematic and accurate classification of all parts of a power generation plant. This identification system serves to identify sections of plants and items of equipment in any type of power plant according...

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09 Feb 2018

Better Maintenance BOMs = Better Company

When Asset-Intensive companies need to order parts maintenance BOMs, usually maintenance workers have to track vendor maintenance documents or the spare parts list and manually figure out what is needed. There are endless possibilities but very few effective solutions that will save your company from all your maintenance troubles. However, time and money can be saved by simply building...

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02 Feb 2018

Top 3 Reasons Why Organizing Asset Hierarchy Is Difficult

February 02, 2018Blog

Companies are always looking to see what they can improve, especially when it comes to asset-intensive companies looking to improve their asset hierarchy. Aligning your CMMS equipment hierarchy with an international standard is considered the best practice. However, many asset intensive companies usually struggle with their asset hierarchy and can’t seem to align according to international standards. What do...

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31 Jan 2018

Aim for a gold medal in maintaining your asset management data!

The Winter Olympics are upon us and believe it or not, good asset management plays a huge role in ensuring how smooth the 17-day event runs! The Olympics are a huge sporting event that requires proper asset management and planning especially with all the construction for the Olympic Village. This includes lodging for all athletes, and any sporting facility that...

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26 Jan 2018

Dr-EAMs can come true with better visualization

Efficiency is the dream when it comes to dealing with a work order. Being able to quickly find and visualize your assets, equipment and parts is very important. Some asset-intensive organizations are still using ancient methods of locating assets and equipment. However, there are many ways you can increase wrench time and save in ongoing maintenance and operations cost...

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23 Jan 2018

Can you outsmart a data quality report?

Most asset-intensive companies understand the problems with their data usability, but don’t know the severity of inaccuracies in their CMMS or EAM system. This can lead to inefficient downtime, slow audits and wrench time wasted. If you cannot identify the areas causing the most problems, it takes a lot of effort and time to fix them. A data quality report...

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19 Jan 2018

How cloud computing is changing the world of EAM

Most of us use cloud computing on a day-to-day basis for personal use with our smartphones, tablets and laptop.  Platforms such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and others are upsetting many traditional business models. Cloud computing is also changing the business world including the world of Enterprise Asset Management. There are real advantages to moving your EAM to the cloud. Why...

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16 Jan 2018

Is finding materials in your EAM system hard?

Finding correct materials in your EAM system is a continuing challenge for many maintenance planners at asset-intensive organizations. From misnamed parts, nowhere to store legacy parts descriptions to confusing duplicates, the concerns are real and challenging. As companies realize that their descriptions of parts do not adhere to any sort of naming conventions or are not listed by part...

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11 Jan 2018

Major issues that companies with poor maintenance BOMS face

Asset-intensive companies require maintenance BOMs to find and order spare parts that are needed to maintain assets. This will help you save money and increase wrench time by allowing your maintenance personnel can quickly locate required parts. What are some issues that companies with poor maintenance BOMs face? Difficulty of identifying correct parts to plan, schedule and complete work...

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