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17 Oct 2017

How to Increase Your Wrench Time!

Maintenance technicians have an important job and that is to be focused on maintaining. For them to be productive and efficient, having everything they need to carry out a work order is highly crucial. This includes being able to locate the equipment in their work orders and quickly obtain the necessary spare parts that they require. It also means that...

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13 Oct 2017

4 Struggles That Companies Face with Incomplete and Inaccurate EAM/CMMS Data!

Like most asset-intensive companies, you strive to have complete and accurate data. You also want the ability to analyze the quality of asset and maintenance data in an EAM/CMMS system. To accurately predict a completion date for a data repair project, you must ensure that your data is complete and accurate. If these criteria are vital for an efficient...

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11 Oct 2017

What Can Poor Data Do to Your Company?

Many asset-intensive organizations rely on the data in their EAM or CMMS systems to drive the maintenance practices that keep their business up and running. But what happens when your data quality is incomplete and inaccurate? How is it affecting your company as a whole? Are your maintenance costs just skyrocketing because of all the problems your data is...

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06 Oct 2017

How to Simplify Your Plant Maintenance- 5 Steps to Improving Your SAP Work Order Quality

If controlling your SAP work order information quality is a challenge in your organization, you’re not alone. Simplifying your plant maintenance is vital when it comes to running your processes efficiently. For many maintenance technicians, completing detailed, accurate and timely notifications, work orders and work order close-outs in their EAM system is not a top priority. They often skip...

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04 Oct 2017

Are you afraid of your EAM Master Data? 7 Tips to Improve Your Data Now!

Has your EAM Master Data become your worst nightmare? Is it confusing, hard to identify or full of inaccuracies? Are you stumped looking for solutions to improve it? Perhaps you’re struggling to find the root causes as to why your master data is so poorly structured. If your asset-intensive company is struggling with these challenges, you’re not alone. Here...

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28 Sep 2017

Change Your Companies’ Life by Changing Your Maintenance BOMs

When your asset-intensive company requires maintenance BOMs, what do you do? Do maintenance workers have to figure out what parts are needed and track down vendor maintenance documents? Or do they find the recommended spare parts lists and figure out what is needed? There are endless possibilities but very few effective solutions that will save your company from all...

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26 Sep 2017

Asset Tags- How to Hit the Mark When It Comes to Accuracy and Effectiveness

Companies require thousands of asset tags in order to organize their equipment in an effective manner; therefore it is crucial that these tags are accurate and up to date. The accuracy in asset tags is highly important in asset-intensive companies as it helps identify and keep track of their equipment. Tags must be unique because they correspond to different...

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20 Sep 2017

7 Ways To Reduce Downtime and Order Spare Parts Faster

Trying to reduce downtime and order spare parts faster, while keeping operations running smoothly, should not be a difficult and stressful task for an asset-intensive organization. Unfortunately, in most businesses, this task is very challenging, especially when separate organizations are dealing with different problems. During repairs or routine maintenance, often times organizations do not know which parts are needed...

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19 Sep 2017

Say Goodbye to Compliance Issues

Is your asset-intensive company struggling with compliance issues that result in high costs? Are you having trouble verifying that the maintenance plans and inspection tasks programmed into your EAM conform to your corporate performance standards? Or, are you finding it difficult to update these items in your EAM system because your corporate performance standards have changed? If you answered...

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14 Sep 2017

Feeling Stuck Searching for Materials in Your EAM System?

For many asset-intensive organizations, it is an ongoing challenge to find the correct materials in their EAM system. Whether their system has misnamed parts, no storage system for legacy parts descriptions, or selecting the correct parts to plan work orders is hindered, the concerns are real and very challenging. As companies discover that their parts descriptions do not adhere to...

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